Goods/ Service Elevators

"We can provide both residential and commercial property owners with a high quality design, installation and refurbishment service on high load capacity goods lifts across London, Kent and Surrey."
With over 5+ years combined experience in the lift industry, you can rely on the expert and highly skilled team here at Elevators Ltd to provide you with a comprehensive goods lift installation. Whether you are a commercial, residential or industrial property owner, we will be able to create and install a bespoke goods lift system that fits almost any space and specifications.
All of our goods lifts can be installed to carry goods and passengers weighing from 50kg to 6000kg and whether you need a trolley lift, underbar hoist or a dumb waiter, we will be able to provide the solution.

Specifications and Areas

High performance
Longer service life
High material strength
Lift Mechanism:Scissor Lift
Ports and shipping
Construction, real estate and many more