Maintenance service is considered the most important phase after the Elevator installation and it is considered to be the key factor in having a longer life for the Elevators and Escalators. Sunshine Maintenance Service always provides its business partners with quality and professional maintenance services along with Safety, Financial, and Comfort benefits.

At SUNSHINE, all our maintenance staff goes through continues training and developments to ensure the best services and utilization of up to date technology in servicing and maintaining its Elevators .
SUNSHINE offers two types of maintenance:
Preventive maintenance: it involves several activities including:
Regular cleaning and inspections
Preservation of equipment and protection against environmental factors
Maintaining lubrication for all mechanical components
Checking all electromechanical components
Spare parts and consumables monitoring and supply
Corrective Maintenance: SUNSHINE can respond promptly in the event of a component failure, identify the required repairs & parts, and return the equipment to operation in optimal time.
SUNSHINE’s Maintenance Activities:
Periodic visits from SUNSHINE’s staff to perform a regular check of all safety and vital elements of the Elevator(s), as well as all necessary adjustments of required parts for maximum efficiency.
During every visit, SUNSHINE’s service men will perform the greasing and cleaning of all elements that require lubricants.
SUNSHINE’s representatives will attend all call out notices to correct the failures of the Elevator and put it back to normal and safe operation.
SUNSHINE’s will repair and replace all the faulty parts of the Elevator and will notify the client of the same.