What to Modernize

"Modernizing your elevator can improve the safety and reliability of your equipment and increase the value of your building."
SUNSHINE ELEVATORS has a comprehensive refurbishment and modernization services for all types and makes of lifts to assist you in keeping your lift in the best possible working condition.

A detailed survey of your lift is usually carried out by our engineers to put forward our recommendations. The works undertaken during modernization might include:
Lift car and landing doors
Aesthetic enhancements
Improvements to control/drive systems to enhance ride quality and speed
An old lift does not necessarily need total replacement. In fact, doing so may be extremely difficult due to the design or layout of the existing building. Instead, we offer lift modernization, whereby obsolete components are replaced by their modern equivalent.

Depending on the overall condition of an elevator we provide the following components:
Control panel
trailing cable
Traction machine and sheeves
car interior
door controller

Your Sunshine elevator will be in a perfect running condition for another 20 years.